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First Generation Technology Announcement

DADSS Technology:
First Generation
Release In Brief

The Announcement

The Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, Inc. (ACTS), a Virginia nonprofit whose members include the world’s leading automakers, is proud to announce that new advanced alcohol detection technology from the DADSS Program will be made available for open licensing for use in commercial vehicles for the first time ever, later this year. This is significant because it is the first time a product equipped with DADSS technology will come out of the lab and into commercial vehicles. It is also a major milestone in the Program’s quest to create a fully passive, non-invasive alcohol detection system for widespread use in consumers’ vehicles that could have major implications in the fight to eliminate drunk driving.

The Technology

DADSS technology provides a real–time, highly precise and highly accurate, near instantaneous direct measurement of a driver’s impairment by alcohol. The first-generation system requires only a limited breath sample – like blowing out a candle – and gives an accurate reading in a second or less. Drivers provide a puff of breath directed towards a small sensor, which can be outfitted placed in the steering column, side door trim or anywhere that is in close proximity to the driver. Learn more about DADSS here.


ACTS has established an open licensing process for all of the DADSS intellectual property needed to practice the technology. ACTS licenses DADSS intellectual property that can be developed into commercial products, rather than selling the products itself. “Open licensing” means the technology will be made available, on the same terms, to any product integrator interested in installing the technology into their products or vehicles. Click here for more information on licensing.


Senseair AB is the innovator, developer and manufacturer of the sensor technology. The company is a leading global provider of air and gas sensing technology that develops and produces the small and cost-efficient high-precision, low-power sensors for high-volume production. It is based in Sweden, with over 25 years’ experience in the field of infrared gas measurement technology. Senseair is part of the AsahiKASEI Corporation. Learn more about Senseair here.

Social Impact

Each year in America, drunk driving claims approximately 10,000 lives and costs the U.S. approximately $194 billion. If driver BACs can be limited to less than 0.08% percent – the legal limit in all 50 states except Utah – more than 9,400 lives could be saved annually.*

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